Windows again.

Short version: In my defense, I wasn’t dumb enough to go back to Windows 10.

Long version: I wish more people made Linux versions of their software. Skyrim and Just Cause 2 (both of which I got for Christmas) don’t have Linux versions. Neither does Nvidia’s PhysXLab (used to make assets for videogames). In addition, the Leap Motion (soon to be posted about) has only a few applications that are built for Linux computers.

It sucks, but I’ve been forced back to Windows.

Guess who’s back

I’ll be the first to say that I’m a really forgetful person.

Oh, wait. No, someone told me that years ago before I said it, so I wouldn’t be the first. I wish I could remember who it was…

So… yeah, I may/may not have forgotten about my online blog.

Congrats, Sammy.


I’m good with computers. I’m not bragging, just providing context, because OH MY GOD DOES MY COMPUTER HATE ME WITH A BURNING PASSION.

A few weeks ago, Windows decided that there was no such thing as a WiFi network. Meaning:

  • The adapter showed up in the list of connected devices.
  • The drivers were listed as properly installed.
  • In the list of installed devices, the adapter was under the “network devices” section.
  • The list of network devices did not list my WiFi adapter.
  • WHAT.

I spent several hours a day for several days in a row trying to fix the darn thing, but even after Google searches likely numbering in the hundreds, I had made no progress at all.

So I switched to Linux. Ubuntu, specifically. And it is GREAT.

Linux allows you to do so much more than Windows (which, in turn, allows you to do so much more than OS X, by the way). It’s open-source, meaning that anyone can make their own custom version of Linux. This means that Linux is

  • Impervious to viruses. Any security hole that people have found has long since been patched, because anybody can propose changes to the official Linux code. There has yet to be a Linux virus. [DISCLAIMER: This doesn’t mean that there isn’t Linux malware!] If you run a shady program as root (to Windows users: “Run as administrator” has the same effect), then that program can still wreak havoc on your computer. Not all malware is composed of viruses- the program I described is a “trojan” (like the Trojan Horse).
  • Tailored to the user. Linux is downloaded in “distros,” short for “distributions.” Distros can be described as different “flavors” of Linux, and there’s a flavor for everyone. Don’t like the fact that Arch requires you to manually pick out every single piece of software including the graphics manager? Ubuntu comes fully functional out-of-the-box, just like Windows or OS X (but better!). Does Steam OS‘s gaming-oriented build run slowly on your old machine? Lubuntu is designed to run smoothly on any computer. Does your LEGO Mindstorms EV3 robot’s default (Linux) operating system seem too locked-down and hard to control? You can plug in a MicroSD card with the Debian-based ev3dev OS and run Python code on it!
  • Just generally awesome.

In my opinion, Linux is great for pretty much anyone who has at least a little bit of experience with command prompt (DOS, for example Windows) or terminal (Unix, for example OS X or Linux). If you have a spare laptop or external hard drive that you don’t use, I recommend installing Mint to try it out! Linux has a steep learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll never be able to go back.

Nobody knows you’re a dog

Well, this is probably the most short-lived anonymous blog ever. Not that I’m going to stop blogging- I just think that being anonymous is boring. I mean, come on, what’s the point of being secretive if you aren’t blogging about politics? I’m just writing for fun, so I might as well tell my friends about the blog.

(Also I actually don’t recall what my reason for doing it anonymously in the first place was…)

So… yeah. My name’s Sammy (no, I’m not going to give a last name. This is the Internet). Note the fact that I did not say “Sam.” Being Sammy is so much easier- I know several people named Sam. Funny thing, though: the videogame design teacher at my school has some mental block about my name, even though I constantly remind him AND I sit next to one of the previously mentioned Sams. So, thanks, Mr. T.

I live in North Texas, and I’m a ginger. I run Linux on my PC because the Windows partition recently decided to act like it didn’t have a WiFi adapter (it did, though) and I gave up trying to fix it (but that’s a story for another day). I speak Spanish well enough that I would mostly understand if a native speaker spoke to me like I was an idiot. Also, I like designing fractal artwork. I’ll put some of my pictures on here at some point.

The Millenium Shards: Prologue

Sean A. Wright woke up on the wrong side of the bed. This is not to say that he was grumpy- he generally woke up quite refreshed, and today was no exception. Despite how non-grumpy he was, though, Sean had a feeling that something was a bit off. He ran through a quick mental checklist:
Four limbs: two arms, one and a half legs, and the prosthetic replacement on the ground next to his bed. Check.
Nobody else in his room. Check.
Furniture: a four-poster bed for which he had nearly grown too large and which he was constantly begging his mother to replace; a bedside table with his cell phone and keys; a dresser with a disused alarm clock- Sean always woke up on time without it; and a desk strewn with school assignments. Check.
Under his bedsheets- wait. Where were his bedsheets?
And why was his furniture on the ceiling? How was the floor suddenly painted white? Sean had never seen a rug above him before…
The bed was unusually uncomfortable, as if the springs were not covered by padding…
Sean looked down at the floor.
And realized that he was looking up at the floor.
And then Sean did what any reasonable person would do under these circumstances: he decided he was dreaming and closed his eyes.

To book or not to book

Fun fact about me: I used to hate writing.

Not like “ugh, this essay is garbage, I can’t write, and I want to tear this paper up and burn the pieces.” What I mean is that, up until about sixth grade, I found the process of writing so. excruciatingly. boring. that a simple one-page paper became an overnight ordeal for both myself and my parents.

But not any more! I’ve found (much to the relief of my parents) that- once you get the hang of it- writing is usually interesting and sometimes even fun. Maybe it’s because I tend to type now, so less energy is spent on actually recording the words, or maybe I’m just “growing up.” For whatever reason, though, I now find myself writing a blog. A blog! And I’m not even being graded on it!

And also a book. I started a few months ago and got a page or two done (a short prologue and the beginning of chapter one), and today I remembered about it and thought to myself, “Hey! I could totally post that book on my blog!” And so I will. If I can find the file.

A bit about me.

Okay, let’s see.

Age: I’m 16 years old.

Gender: I’m a guy and I like girls.

Favorite hobby: Take a guess. That’s right, coding!

Coding languages: I’m fluent in Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL. I’m alright in Python and C# (i.e. I’d understand what the code was if you showed me, but I probably couldn’t write it by myself at the moment). I’m in the process of learning C++, and boy, is it different than my native Java! I think that’s all, but I’m probably missing a language here… [Edit: Yep, forgot Lua [Edit 2: and RobotC]. It goes They go with Python and C#.]

Other hobbies: I enjoy reading and writing, among other things.

What I look like: Without being specific, I’m tall (just over 6’2″), I wear glasses, and no, I’m not fat, thank you very much.