About the Blog

Welcome, my dear reader, to Life of a Coder! By “a coder”, I mean one specific coder (me,) not coders in general (because, I mean, it’s generally not exactly easy to effectively generalize. Generalizing is generally bad.)

See what I did there? Yeah, me too. Whoever came up with that joke must be pretty smooth. Oh wait, it was me? Why, thank you! I agree.

Anyways, since you probably clicked the link to this page because you were trying to find out more about the blog, rather than wanting to hear me ramble…

Here’s what you’ll probably find on this blog:

  • Stuff about my life.
  • Funny or interesting stuff that’s happening in my life.
  • Things which I find funny or interesting.
  • Perhaps a code snippet every so often. I don’t want to be boring, though, so I think I’ma leave the code behind for the most part.
  • Maybe a short story or two. We’ll see if I feel like it.

Here’s what you probably WON’T find:

  • Football scores, statistics, or otherwise. If you got here looking for football scores, I can only applaud your sheer lack of any and all Internet navigational skills and then show you out the metaphorical door with a metaphorical quizzical expression on my face.
  • Large amounts of actual code or math or other boring-to-most-people stuff. This isn’t “the coder’s lack of a life”…
  • On a more serious note, you won’t be finding racism, sexism, homophobia, anti-[religion]ism, or anything else negative about anybody that isn’t based on their choices. Example: If Johnny hits Sally, then I’m gonna have a problem with Johnny. Other example: If Joey tells me he’s gay I’m gonna give him a high-five for being himself and tell him to stay away from that Johnny kid over there. Unless Joey is a jerk. Gay jerks, while typically more fabulous than normal jerks, are still jerks.