The Millenium Shards: Prologue

Sean A. Wright woke up on the wrong side of the bed. This is not to say that he was grumpy- he generally woke up quite refreshed, and today was no exception. Despite how non-grumpy he was, though, Sean had a feeling that something was a bit off. He ran through a quick mental checklist:
Four limbs: two arms, one and a half legs, and the prosthetic replacement on the ground next to his bed. Check.
Nobody else in his room. Check.
Furniture: a four-poster bed for which he had nearly grown too large and which he was constantly begging his mother to replace; a bedside table with his cell phone and keys; a dresser with a disused alarm clock- Sean always woke up on time without it; and a desk strewn with school assignments. Check.
Under his bedsheets- wait. Where were his bedsheets?
And why was his furniture on the ceiling? How was the floor suddenly painted white? Sean had never seen a rug above him before…
The bed was unusually uncomfortable, as if the springs were not covered by padding…
Sean looked down at the floor.
And realized that he was looking up at the floor.
And then Sean did what any reasonable person would do under these circumstances: he decided he was dreaming and closed his eyes.

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