To book or not to book

Fun fact about me: I used to hate writing.

Not like “ugh, this essay is garbage, I can’t write, and I want to tear this paper up and burn the pieces.” What I mean is that, up until about sixth grade, I found the process of writing so. excruciatingly. boring. that a simple one-page paper became an overnight ordeal for both myself and my parents.

But not any more! I’ve found (much to the relief of my parents) that- once you get the hang of it- writing is usually interesting and sometimes even fun. Maybe it’s because I tend to type now, so less energy is spent on actually recording the words, or maybe I’m just “growing up.” For whatever reason, though, I now find myself writing a blog. A blog! And I’m not even being graded on it!

And also a book. I started a few months ago and got a page or two done (a short prologue and the beginning of chapter one), and today I remembered about it and thought to myself, “Hey! I could totally post that book on my blog!” And so I will. If I can find the file.

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